Cafe Pantopia
Brynhild Næs Petersen, Hanne-Louise Johannesen og Simon Løvind 2009-2012
Internet connected cafes and cultural exchange platform
Pilot project connected Torshavn and Copenhagen 2011

Meeting across an ocean: illustration Mads Berg

Project introduction
The central concept behind Cafe Pantopia is to create a common meeting-place for people associated with the North Atlantic countries, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and Denmark.
Café Pantopia will champion processes that will enable the creation, maintenance and reestablishment of human relations where physical contact is rare. Technological advancements such as; E-mail, instant messaging and mobile phones already support contacts across the Atlantic, however this excludes the change encounter with a friend – seeing and being seen. Cafe Pantopia enables both the 'contact despite the distance' as well as the intimate and casual encounters of urban life.

Project website: Cafe Pantopia

Video describing concept (danish speak)

Pilot project
In the summer of 2011, two containers was redesigned as minicafes so that the concept could be put to a test. The two cafees are identical, just mirrored in design, so that the transmitted view looks like a reflection of the cafe you are placed in. They were placed in Torshavn and Copenhagen, and during the the festival week "Ólavsøka" people could meet for an informal chat and say "Cheers" across the atlantics. The cafees had constant videolinks and served the same drinks and food, and were located so that both had the harbour and sea as a backdrop, looking out from the cafe.

Cafe Pantopia closed by night -  Lightinstallation by Hans E. Madsen

Rendering of container pilot cafe - 2 identical but mirrored built

A cafe has arrived at  Nordatlantens Brygge

Testing the communication Copenhagen - Torshavn


During the faroese festival "Ólavsøka"

A mini bar and kitcen included